CBA, LTD., Construction Consulting, is a Minneapolis, Minnesota firm of over three decades. Our mission is to exclusively provide owner’s representative construction project management services that encompass impartial advice and act in the best interests of the owner throughout the project’s delivery process.

The company’s founder, Jerry R. Svee, is a construction consultant with over forty years’ hands-on experience in managing hospitality, commercial office building, retail, educational and industrial projects worth several billion dollars of in-place construction.  Mr. Svee previously held the executive vice president and COO positions with Minneapolis-based Kraus Anderson Construction Company.

CBA, LTD.’s diversified project portfolio encompasses high/mid/low-rise construction; new, renovation, and building preservation projects; urban and suburban undertakings; and national and international locations. The firm has worked in 54 U.S. cities and 13 states. International locations include Moscow and three Caribbean cities.

The services offered do not take the place of, but rather rely upon, the partnership of traditional Architect, Contractor and Owner relationships and are structured as a cost effective management enhancement tool toward ensuring a successful new construction or renovation project. Let CBA, LTD’s experienced leadership and management represent your interests.